Synergy BioTech® S.A. de C.V. is located in Alfonso Nápoles Gándara Street 50, 4th Floor Colonia Peña Blanca Santa Fe ZIP Code 01210 Mexico City, Mexico. We are responsible for the protection of the personal and company data collected and the use that is given to it.

Your personal data will be used for the following purposes: Promotions in analytical, consulting, auditing and training services, to evaluate the quality of the services we provide, to comply with our obligations to our customers and to comply with regulatory obligations issued by competent authorities.

For the above purposes, we need to obtain the following personal data: Company´s name, contact name, address, landline, cell phone, email, Federal Taxpayers Registry and payment information. The information provided is considered sensitive under the federal protection of personal data.

We gather this information via e-mail, telephone, website or service surveys.

You are entitled to access, rectify and delete your personal data as well as to revoke your consent of use by sending us your request to or by calling us to + 52 (55) 53474138.

Your data might be transferred and treated within and outside this country by the Synergy BioTech® employees or non-employees. In this sense, the information transfer is made on the terms set by the current Mexican legislation. Sensitive information may be shared only with Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios (COFEPRIS) and Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación (EMA), for the purposes specified in paragraphs I, II and V of Article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal data Held by Private Parties, considering it as a health information regulation. If you do not object to the use of your personal data being used and shared, it is understood you have given us your consent.

If you wish to stop receiving promotional messages from us send your request via email to or call to + 52 (55) 53474130.

Any changes to this privacy announcement will be communicated through this website.

Last updated: July 31st, 2013.


Alfonso Nápoles Gándara Street 50 4th Floor Peña Blanca, Santa Fé,
Mexico City, ZIP 01210
T. +52 (55) 91711200
F. +52 (55) 91711899


San Mateo Street 16-A Santo Domingo, Azcapotzalco
Mexico City, ZIP 02000
T. +52 (55) 53474138



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